California workers' compensation law requires claims administrators to promptly approve medical care that is reasonably needed to cure or alleviate the impacts of the injury. At some point throughout your claim, you or the claims administrator may disagree about what medical treatment or other benefits you are entitled to. When there is a dispute, if you have not already hired a workers' compensation lawyer, it is important to do so.  

You are entitled to medical care to treat or relieve work-related injuries and/or health problems. The attorneys at Solimon | Rodgers can assist you in finding the best doctor for your needs.  If you pre-designated your personal doctor or medical group prior to being hurt, you can have your regular physician treat you for your job-related injuries immediately after you are injured. If not, the attorneys at Solimon | Rodgers work with large networks of physicians and will be able to assist you. An injured workers rights regarding medical care are complex, so please feel free to call us toll free at (844) 774-3577 to discuss how we can help you get the medical care that you need.